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2009 October 03 :Sporty Health

What is the Pritikin Diet?

Amongst the million and one diets out there, you may find the Pritikin Diet to be one that you would take interest in. You know

that there are so many to choose from and that you have to try them individually to see that they work. Then there is the time

and the money that you invest into any particular diet. Finding one is challenging. Sticking to the one that works can be even more challenging.

The Pritikin Diet consists of low fat meals and small healthy snacks. If you think that you can handle just that for your everyday meals, then this diet may be the right one for you. You will find that only 10% of the diet is made up of fat. There have been over 70K people that have actually put this diet to the test in places of research. They have been researching the diet since 1976.

In the establishment they learned how to prepare the proper meals. not to mention stress management and proper exercising as well. The creater of the diet has also written several books for the convenience of the dieters. These include

recipes and helpful hints. Nathan Pritikin has also written about diet tips such lowering cholesterol and advising them on ways to reduce stress.

If you rely more on the type of calorie (or the calorie dense) then it is more of an advantage to you to enjoy all of the foods that fall into this category without worrying about how much is too much. Such foods are oatmeal and apples, etc. Basically in this diet you are watching out for high calorie foods.

Is the Pritikin Diet for You?

If you are the type that likes vegetables and healthier foods, then this is definitely the diet for you. Of course that is also to your doctor’s discretion. As with any diet, it takes you trying it (after looking it over) to see whether it will work for you. Some people watch their calorie intake anyway, so this may very well be the best diet for them to begin with.

There are things that you may not eat and it is a good idea to keep that in mind when you are deciding if this is the best diet for you. Such things include actually keeping up with your calorie intake. If you are willing to closely follow the diet and keep up with your food and calorie intake, not to mention eat low calorie foods, you may consider the diet.

To Go On the Pritikin Diet or Not to Go on It?

What are the reasons to go on this particular diet? As with any diet there art benefits and then there are downfalls that come

with it as well. The good side of the diet is that it brings balance to your body and calorie intake. Of course this means that you have to invest in healthier foods. Sometimes fruits and vegetables can be costly.

If you are not one to exercise, you may not like this diet because you are not allowed to consume any calories unless you plan on burning them off with exercising. Are

you willing to sacrifice sweets and replace them with fresh produce? If you answered yes, then this may just be the diet for you!

You must keep track of the foods that you are consuming and not only that but the amount of calories that are found in the foods. There are things that you need to consider before you begin the diet.

What Exactly Can I Eat Again?

First of all you need to recognize the foods that are high in calories and steer away from them. Just remember that you want to eat a calorie free diet as much as possible. in order to be full, you will want to buy foods that are high in fiber. Such foods are any kind of fresh vegetables, like broccoli. Then there are fruits like oranges and grapefruit. If you like beans, these are extremely high in fiber as well.

Another great food that is full of fiber is unprocessed grains. If you eat these types of food, they give you that feeling of fullness. You are also allowed to eat snacks that aren’t laden with calories as well. A list of the foods that are suggested are barley, brown rice, dark green lettuce, beans, apples, squash, onions, strawberries, pears, potatoes and bananas.

Okay I Want to Try it so How Does it Work?

First of all, you want to make sure that you exercise. With most diets, it is essential to exercise, too. It is all about the amount of calories our body should consume per pound. If you are balancing foods that are full of calories and then the fiber, then you are doing well to balance out your calorie intake. The main purpose is to get your caloric density down to a level where you will lose weight. It is suggested to eat whole foods that are unprocessed. Then there are carbohydrate rich foods that should be included.

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Cash reward to stay free of HIV – Health Issues UK

Paying teenagers to stay free of HIV has been a major success in Malawi,”. The sum of money was very small (even by Malawian standards) so the researchers hypothesised that both girls and boys used the programme as a rationale for deviating from social norms. If their peers were having sex early or having unsafe sex, teenagers might have felt awkward about saying that it wasn’t right for them. Maybe, the researchers, thought, they used the prospect of a cash reward at 19 as a rationale for doing what they had wanted to do all along.  Whatever the reason, teenagers in the intervention group (who got the cash reward if they were HIV negative on their nineteenth birthday alongside sex education) were 40 percent less likely to get HIV than the teenagers who received only sex education. HIV is still a problem in Wales, albeit amongst defined risk groups, but could the idea be extended to other diseases or even to smoking? A team of researchers in the US has tried ” and the results were almost as good

Why You Should Never Throw Away Orange or Banana Peels? – ViraHealth

We all have the bad habit of discarding fruit peels like bananas and orange, not knowing that they contain many properties and benefits that we can easily take advantage of. By tradition we consider that this part of the fruit is waste, since its taste is unpleasant and at first glance seem to be of no use. However, they have more benefits and uses than we can imagine.

As we know you are part of the millions of people who still throw bananas and orange peels, today we want to share a complete information that will make you think twice about the next time you want to throw them in the dumpster. Would you like to know what they are for?

Orange Peel

Very important is to choose organic oranges if you want to reduce risks of levels of pesticides that are used in other oranges. This type of oranges are grown with less pesticides than other oranges, so they will be much healthier. Anyway, to remove traces of pesticides, you can wash the oranges with a spoonful of lemon juice and a spoonful of vinegar dissolved in a cup of water.

Many of the nutrients in orange are found on your skin. An average orange has about 60 flavonoids and 170 different phytonutrients that provide health benefits, skin and also make it useful for various uses in the home.

Uses of Orange Peel

The bark of orange has properties that improve digestion and stimulate metabolism. Helps to fight naturally with acidity, vomiting and acid belching. It is also recommended to stimulate appetite and relieve nausea.

The use of orange peel powder has expectorant properties that favor the elimination of phlegm in the respiratory system, helps relieve cough and asthma.

Orange peel has properties that lower cholesterol levels, triglycerides and promotes normal liver function. It also has a flavonoid known as hesperidin, which is effective against colon cancer and osteoporosis.

Also orange peels can be used to exfoliate the skin and remove dead cells that can cause blackheads and pimples.

Orange peels help reduce dark spots on the skin.

Thanks to its anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antifungal properties, orange peels are good for acne.

Banana peel

Banana peels have antioxidant properties, vitamins and minerals, which can help fight different health problems and ailments. Here are some of its uses. If you know more, we invite you to share them with us.

Uses of banana peel

It helps to filter the water, thanks to its absorption capacity over lead and copper.

Rubbing a banana peel on the skin helps reduce the discomfort caused by an insect bite.

The banana peel has regenerative properties that help accelerate the healing process of wounds.

Rubbing a banana peel on the teeth for two minutes, every two days, helps to whiten them noticeably in a matter of weeks.

Banana peel is useful for combating and preventing warts. Rub the banana peel over the wart every day and in a short time you will notice the results.

If you suffer from scratches or minor wounds, simply rub a banana peel into the affected area to speed up your recovery.

Although hard to believe, the banana peel can also help reduce headaches. To do this just spread a banana peel over your forehead and relax.

To prevent the early appearance of wrinkles, regularly rub a banana peel all over the skin.