Why You Should Wear Sport Sunglasses

If you take part in outdoor leisure activities or sports, you should always wear sport sunglasses. You already know that ultra violet rays can damage your skin, but do you know that they can be just as dangerous to your eyes? The frames and lenses of sporting sunglasses have been scientifically designed for ultimate protection.

The finished product is durable, lightweight, flexible and comfortable for any sportsman or woman, or outdoor adventurer. When purchasing a pair of these glasses, you should ask for lenses that contain the highest UVB and UVA protection. These lenses offer 100 percent protection against ultra violet rays.

Ultra violet rays can harm the cornea of the eye and the retina. This damage may cause future problems such as photokeratitis, cataracts, macular degeneration, or even eye cancer. The UV strength must be shown on the label – if not, don’t buy them. The glasses have other features like shock frames, non-slip grips and shatterproof lenses.

Apart from their functional and practical attributes, they are really stylish to look at. They come in an array of designs, shapes and striking colors. They are guaranteed to fit snugly even during the most rigorous sports. The frames are long lasting and have special absorption qualities.

The shatterproof lenses contain a relatively new substance called polycarbonate which resembles the compound used in making bullet proof glass. The lenses have undergone numerous impact tests to ensure their efficacy and safety. They are also completely UV resistant.

Excellent ventilation in the lenses and frames will eliminate condensation and fogging problems. The nose pads are rubber, while the non-slip temple grips make them even more comfortable. Look after your eyes by making sure you wear sport sunglasses every time you enjoy your favorite outdoor pastime. You only have two eyes and they deserve the best possible protection – just like the rest of your body.

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