Abrupt stop is bad!

Doctors in different countries are now advising their patients to drop the use of Actos and are now giving them alternatives to cure diabetes.

This is because of the news coming out regarding the possible increased risk of bladder cancer. Although there is no clear evidence yet regarding the truth behind the actos connection to bladder cancer, it is the safest way to not use the drug for the mean time while studies are still on the process.

These doctors are waiting for the conclusion of the Food and Drug Association on the side effect of the said drug. The existing issue is that Actos carries a possible increase on the risk of having bladder cancer if it is used for more than a year and when used with high dosage. As for now, the United States is still in the process of deliberation on what to do about the drugs.

According to some Doctors that are part of the investigation of the drug, there are evidences present in the linking of the drug to bladder cancer, the problem is that these evidences are conflicting which added to the original problem, this may lead to additional confusion to the public that is why the FDA is not yet giving updates up to now. The good thing here is many doctors are refraining from prescribing the said drug to their patients as precautionary measures.

Since they are not sure of the possible effects that their patients will get from using the drug, they have decided to not use it why the trials are still on-going. However, what is alarming is that, people who are using the actos might abruptly stop their usage due to the news coming out. This is not a good thing. People who are currently using the drug must consult doctors first before they do any action so that their doctors can give them certain alternatives and their body will not react in a bad way.

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