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Our mowing service consists of a  lawn mowing, trimming, and clearing grass from driveway, sidewalks, and other areas. We do a “double cut” to give your lawn a clean, even professional look.

We use professional grade equipment to evenly distribute seed over your entire lawn. 

If you also use our fertilizing program, we will apply a specially formulated “starter” fertilizer to help with the new seed growth.

For best results, we recommend overseeding in the spring or fall.

We recommend double aerating prior to seeding, in order to loosen the soil and allow new root growth.

Power Raking, also known as de-thatching, removes excess thatch builid-up on top of the soil.  A small layer of thatch is important for a helathy lawn to retain mosture and prevent the soil from becoming too dry. We recommend power raking when the thatch level is 1/2″ or thicker.

Another alternative for reducing the thatch level is aerating. With an annual aerating routine, an appropriate level of thatch can be maintained for most lawns and power raking should never be needed.


Our Program consists of six applications, utilizing seasonally appropriate professional quality granular fertilizers. Our service includes grub control (which some companies charge extra for), as well as free service calls throughout the year.

Early Spring
We start the year off with a high rate of fertilizer to help your lawn recover from the winter 
and encourage an early greening. We apply pre-emergent to prevent the growth of crabgrass, 
foxtail, and other grassy weeds. We apply weed control for any existing weeds.

We provide a second application of pre-emergent, a slow release fertilizer to improve the color and density of the turf, and broadleaf weed control for early season weeds, such as clover and dandelions.

Early Summer
We apply a professional quality grub prevention formula with a slow-release fertilizer and weed 
control.  We use the highest quality grub preventative and guarantee your lawn will be grub-free all year. 
(Nebraska requires sales tax for this insecticide treatment)

Late Summer
During this application, we will use a slow-release fertilizer formulated for the summer’s particular conditions, such as drought and heat stress. We apply weed control for yellow nutsedge and other hot weather weeds.

The fertilizer we use for this application is designed to help with recovery from the hot summer, 
develop a greener turf, and stimulate fall root growth.  We also apply broadleaf weed control. 

Late Fall
This “winterizer” application is designed to promote deep root growth before winter dormancy, minimize 
winter damage, and allow your lawn to store the nutrients needed for the early spring.

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