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Tow Away Sign

Aluminum Tow Away sign also known as CA DOT R100B.  This sign is the correct sign for California. The older signs which had a blue background and white writing are no longer used. It must be displayed at each entrance to your parking lot.

This is the 24” x 24” sign that is required since July 2008, at every parking lot in California to warn people that their car will be towed if parked in an accessible spot without proper plates or placard. This is the correct sign for California. The older blue signs with white writing are no longer used. Do not use signs that are different colors than this one. It is important that the wording on your sign is exactly correct, and must say that improperly parked cars “WILL BE TOWED” and not “MAY BE TOWED”. Using signs other than this sign can render your accessible parking space invalid, and you can be sued over it.

Our Tow Away sign is made of high quality aluminum to resist corrosion. The reflective graphics make the signs highly visible at night.

Note: You must fill in the required information about whom to call if the car is towed. You must enter a phone number and address of either a towing company, or the responsible police department who would be called to tow the car. Failure to do so renders the sign useless. We can create these vinyl letters for you, or you can have them made at a local sign shop. Please have the letters made to the following specifications: Letters must be 1” tall and non-serif.

Mounting Instructions: The minimum clearance for signs mounted in walkways, pathways, or where people will walk below the sign is 80” from the ground. We advise that you mount the signs so that the bottom edge of the lowest sign is at least 80” from the ground (81” is preferred to allow for future paving).

If the signs will be mounted on a wall, they must be mounted so the bottom edge of the lowest sign is at least 36 inches from the ground.


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