What is BHRT?

or Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy, is when your physician prescribes
hormones chemically identical to the ones found in your body to treat your
condition. The practitioner’s goal in BHRT is often to restore hormones to the
normal physiologic levels of a younger individual, so that those hormones can
continue to confer the scientifically proven benefits established in decades of
medical literature. Our pharmacists work with YOU and YOUR PHYSICIAN to help you
achieve the level of hormone balance your body

 What is Bioidentical?

The term “bioidentical” indicates that the chemical structure of the replacement
hormone is IDENTICAL to that of the hormone that exists intrinsically in the
body. Vital pharmacy specializes in all types of BHRT and dosage forms,
including capsules, creams, gels, troches, and more.

Vital Rx. at 773-862-1699 for more information or to schedule a one on one
appointment today. We are also familiar with practitioners in the area who
support your decision to balance your hormones

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