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If you are under a ” program you need to know what is the right weight for your height. What is the right weight for my height? This is the most common question people ask doctors and other health professionals. This question is not easy to answer as it seems to be. Different types of people are different body types so there is no exact number which can explain the right weight for your height. There is a different growth pattern for different people. All the people grow in the age of puberty – there is a rise in height and weight in this period. In boys we can see increase of muscle mass in this period. Some people start growing in the age of eight years and some in the age of fourteen years. The people who do not grow with others catch up the same growth in their later life.

There is a way which can help us to figure out if a person has the right weight according to his height. This is called body mass index. Body mass index tells us how much fat a person has according to his weight and height. This index needs the weight and height of a person to calculate the BMI number. After you have figured out the body mass index a percentile chart is used which tells us that if a person has perfect weight, he is underweight or he is at the risk of being overweight.

So whenever you want to start an exercise program or you want to stick to a diet plan always try to know your body mass index; it will help you in getting the right start.

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