Cash reward to stay free of HIV – Health Issues UK

Paying teenagers to stay free of HIV has been a major success in Malawi,”. The sum of money was very small (even by Malawian standards) so the researchers hypothesised that both girls and boys used the programme as a rationale for deviating from social norms. If their peers were having sex early or having unsafe sex, teenagers might have felt awkward about saying that it wasn’t right for them. Maybe, the researchers, thought, they used the prospect of a cash reward at 19 as a rationale for doing what they had wanted to do all along.  Whatever the reason, teenagers in the intervention group (who got the cash reward if they were HIV negative on their nineteenth birthday alongside sex education) were 40 percent less likely to get HIV than the teenagers who received only sex education. HIV is still a problem in Wales, albeit amongst defined risk groups, but could the idea be extended to other diseases or even to smoking? A team of researchers in the US has tried ” and the results were almost as good

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